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Your company’s real estate holdings can be among its most valuable assets. But often it’s confusing to know how to best leverage these assets. Windsor/Aughtry Co. takes a comprehensive approach to commercial real estate consulting. Let our experts analyze how your property is utilized and how your capital may best be deployed. We can provide financial analysis, loan analysis and provide informed answers as to whether you should rent, finance a property, pay down debt or use your equity to reinvest in the business.

Conservation Easements are a great vehicle many land owners utilize to not only preserve their undeveloped land but create tax benefits as well. Windsor Aughtry Company has worked with land owners in creating conservation easements as well as working with the entities who will eventually hold the easement.

There are many considerations when setting up a conservation easement, including:

  • Currently allowable (and future) uses of the land
  • Reserving development use on portions of the property
  • Appraisal approach
  • Contract language

Windsor Aughtry is a capable and willing commercial real estate company that can assist in these discussions and in achieving the landowners goals. Our obligation and interest is to you, the landowner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how a conservation easement can be used to preserve your property.