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Get Your House Ready for Freezing Weather!

Old Man Winter is coming to Asheville and we want you and your home to be ready.  According to, lows will reach dog-snowman-3 degrees before the week is out and that is bone chilling cold.  Builder is not responsible for damages if the temperature goes under 10 degrees determined by the National Weather Service. If you want to avoid troubles related to plumbing and other issues we would like for you to take the following precautions.

1. Outside Spigots

Be sure to disconnect your hoses from the outside spigots.  If you have left them on from watering plants this summer, they can cause water to build up and cause pipes to burst.  This is the responsibility of the homeowner and is not covered under your warranty.

2. Leaky faucets

Letting your faucets running just a little bit is actually a good thing this time of year as it can prevent pipes from freezing.  So let them run just a tad to keep that water from freezing.

3. Leave Cabinets Open

If you have sinks located on external walls of your home be sure to leave the cabinets open so that they can get better air flow from the heat of your home.

There is not much you can do to stop the weather but there is plenty you can do to prepare your home for the bitter cold this season.  Please be sure to read your warranty and homeowner’s manual to be sure your home is safe for the winter.  Thanks and enjoy the snow.

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