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Top 5 Mistakes of New Commercial Property Investors

Successfully investing in commercial property requires an interest in serious planning, a strong foundation and a long-term strategy to see significant profits. Having a "get rich quick" attitude will eventually lead you into risky investments that won't be lucrative. Even…

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Introducing Windsor Built Homes!

After 26 years together, Windsor Aughtry Company is undergoing some changes.  The residential division which has built over 3500 new single family homes will be breaking off from the commercial division under the new name Windsor Built Homes.  WeWindsor Built Homes official will continue to build the same homes with our trademark combination of quality and affordability that has made us so successful over the years.

Since 1987, we have built homes in South Carolina, western North Carolina, and east Tennessee, and we are

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Update – What is The Deal With The Inland Port in Greer, SC?

The South Carolina Port Authority has announced an inland port will be developed in Greer, South Carolina. Below, you will find some bullet points which describe the situation as it stands.

The Purpose: It is designed to relieve traffic congestion, enhance port competitiveness and spur economic development. Rather than goods being loaded and unloaded in Charleston, shipping containers can just be transferred between ship to truck or ship to train.

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Brashier Principles Continued..

Brashier’s Principles Continued..

8. “As fast nickel” is better than a “slow dime.” Keep your money turning.. And remember…

9. You can’t go broker making a profit. But, always leave a little on the table for the other fellow, if you do, he will be back for another deal with you.

10. Never get angry with someone making you an offer, even if it is rediculous. I had rather have one offer than 18,200 lookers.

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What is Your Gut?

Although going through a strong objective analytical method helps analyze a deal, we cannot disregard the “gut” or the importance of the intuitive subconscious feel. The internet makes accurate commercial real estate related data easy to find, quickly. Market vacancy…

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Reasons for Investing Commercial Real Estate Income Producing Property

Lease Duration

Often residential tenancy is a month-to-month lease.  If the residential landlord is lucky it may go up to six months to a year.  However, commercial real estate in Greenville, SC often includes long term leases.  Usually, a commercial lease will be for two, three, five, or even longer.  And commercial real estate leases sometimes have lengths of ten to twenty-five years.  These exceptionally long leases are sometimes found in large properties with tenants such as large retailers and banks. 

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