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Brashier Principles Continued..

Brashier’s Principles Continued..

8. “As fast nickel” is better than a “slow dime.” Keep your money turning.. And remember…

9. You can’t go broker making a profit. But, always leave a little on the table for the other fellow, if you do, he will be back for another deal with you.

10. Never get angry with someone making you an offer, even if it is rediculous. I had rather have one offer than 18,200 lookers.

11. Always do business with your eyes and not your ears. Don’t haggle with someone when they say, “what is the lease dime you will take?” If you do, they will keep coming back to see if you will take less. Tell them you are deaf when it comes to making a deal, but if they will write their offer down and put a binder on it, you have good eyesight and will consider it. If you ever get an offer in writing, then you can neogtiate. An offer in writing is a deal half done.

12. “You can’t buy character, you are what you are, but you can buy brains. Son learn to buy brains. There is no need in on knowing about thousands of things when others are experts on those matters, and can be hired. You always haire the best lawyer, the best doctor, yea, the best expert in any field you need help in.”

13. Dad also told me: “Never take advantage of anybody, and don’t let anybody take advantage of you. If you let a man take advantage of you, you are just as guilty as if you took advantage of him. Why? Because this will just encourage that person to take advantage of someone else.

14. Dad taught me well when he said: “Never procrastinate. If you have doubts about a deal, don’t buy it. But if you feel good about a deal, act quickly. I have lost a lot of good deal by procrastinating and ‘picking a deal to death.”—excerpt from My Business Principles by T. Walter Brashier

Ben Goforth
Commercial Broker
Windsor/Aughtry Company

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