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Brace Yourself! Cold Weather is Coming!

Get ready western North Carolina, Old Man Winter is coming and he is ready dump some mighty cold temperatures through out the Blue Ridge Mountains.  During times of extreme cold weather it is very important that you prepare your home for the conditions to come.  Here are three methods to make sure your Windsor Built home is ready for the freezing

Disconnect Hoses from Spigots: This is a primary concern of ours as it relates to our homeowners.
You’ve had that garden hose plugged in from a summer of watering plants, children playing in the sprinkler, and washing your car and now you’ve forgotten about it.  This can cause water
to collect in the spigot and freeze which can cause your spigot to bust or crack.

Leaky Faucets: Make sure to leave your faucets running just a little bit to ensure that they will not freeze over night.

Open Cabinets:  If you have any plumbing on the outside walls inside a cabinet, please be sure to leave those cabinet doors open.  This will help keep them from freezing.

After building new homes in western North Carolina for over 25 we know that this is a special place to spend the colder months. From the snow falling on the mountains to holiday festivities, winter in this area has so much to offer.  We’d like for you to follow these friendly reminders so you can get the most out of the season in your Windsor Built home.


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