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Cell Towers for Value-Ad?? Why not?

Commercial Investment Tip

If you haven’t registered your commercial property with cell tower companies then you should consider it. Most contracts start at 20K per year and can go up to 80K if the population is dense and demand is high. At a cap rate of 10%, your property increases in value $200K with a 20K annual suburban contract.  The advantages for having cell phone companies as tenants are plentiful. First, they install everything without any expense to the owner. Secondly, there normally isn’t any opportunity cost associated with them (no space used could be used otherwise). 

That said, the demand for cell towers has seemingly peaked in recent years. However, AT&T does have an initiative to catch up to Verizon, which could help your bank account.

Other ways to ad value to your commercial property are: Naming Rights(every substantial building should have a name), Air Space (easily overlooked), Parking (find a creative way to increase parking), Web Cams(add them to things such as storage units as extra security), and etc.

The Drill:
For your clients or yourself: enter your commercial properties into all cell phone tower company databases. is one that I use for my clients. Please note that zoning is an issue. In Greenville, SC industrial and C-2 are typically ok.

Thank you,

Ben Goforth
Commercial Salesman at Windsor Aughtry Company

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