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Cell Towers for Value-Ad?? Why not?

Commercial Investment Tip

If you haven’t registered your commercial property with cell tower companies then you should consider it. Most contracts start at 20K per year and can go up to 80K if the population is dense and demand is high. At a cap rate of 10%, your property increases in value $200K with a 20K annual suburban contract.  The advantages for having cell phone companies as tenants are plentiful. First, they install everything without any expense to the owner. Secondly, there normally isn’t any opportunity cost associated with them (no space used could be used otherwise). 

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Windsor/Aughtry Agent Joins Southwest Airlines Service Announcement

October 20, 2010 – Greenville, SC – On Wednesday, Southwest Airlines announced its service start date and flight routes for its newest destination – Greenville, SC. Following the announcement, attendees were offered tours of a Southwest 737 airplane. Windsor-Aughtry Agent, Rob Howell, was among the first to board, seen in the photo below. 

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