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Whether it’s your retail need, industrial space or office, we understand how to find your right space right now.

Windsor Aughtry offers commercial real estate services to sellers, buyers, landlord and tenants. We are experts in all aspects of the process and offer our clients a full spectrum of commercial brokerage, investment and advisory services. Based on our experience, our team has honed a unique 360° perspective we are ready to apply to your project today.

Sellers: We blend customer needs with marketplace trends.

Windsor Aughtry is ready to get you top dollar for your property. As a market leader in commercial brokerage, we are one of the best in the business at screening, identifying and reaching out to qualified buyers. Our local expertise in development ready land tracts, land assemblage and investment property means you have development professionals that understand property assessment and how to determine its highest and best use.

Buyers: We locate properties that fit your goals.

Our client-focused approach ensures we understand your short and long-term goals and why you are interested in looking for property. This knowledge allows us to appropriately focus our local and national market analysis. Whether you are looking to enhance your business by opening a new retail outlet, seeking an immediate return on investment, or wanting to expand your business, together we’ll find the property that best meets your goals.

Landlords: We find ideal tenants to help maximize your property.

Windsor Aughtry understands the difference between simply leasing space and establishing the proper mix of tenants to ensure that each tenant complements and enhances the overall quality of the property. With our extensive background in commercial real estate development and commercial property leasing we explore every avenue to not only find the ideal tenants, but to maximize the efficiency of your property.

Tenants: We maximize your leasing dollar.

When leasing commercial space, Windsor Aughtry works with you to maximize your leasing dollar. Our experience allows us to provide expertise in assessing “Total Occupancy Cost” which ensures you are able to accurately compare quotes. Additionally, we help assess the efficiency of space, and examine if it might make more sense to rent a smaller, higher cost-per-foot than a larger, less efficient space with a lower cost-per-foot.

Consulting: We Use Our Expertise to Achieve Your Goals

Your company’s real estate holdings can be among its most valuable assets, but it’s often confusing to know how to best leverage these assets. Windsor Aughtry takes a comprehensive approach by having our experts analyze how your property is utilized and how your capital may best be deployed. Services include financial analysis, loan analysis and informed answers as to whether you should rent, finance a property, pay down debt or use your equity to reinvest in the business.

We also assist with conservation easements which are a great vehicle many land owners utilize to not only preserve their undeveloped land but create tax benefits as well.

Conservation Easements: Preserving your undeveloped land.

Conservation Easements are a great vehicle for land owners to preserve their undeveloped land and create tax benefits. Windsor Aughtry is ready to assist in these discussions and in achieving the landowner’s goals. Our obligation and interest is to you, the landowner.

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